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Don’t Forget About Me

Do you feel like people and places are going to forget about you during the pandemic? I do!  

My little Sami said to me this spring - “I’m running out of things to talk about with my friends.” I think this is the natural outcome of a lack of activities for kids (no plays, sports, clubs, camps). But as adults, we feel it too…I know that I do! 

Being together is so important - especially for those of us who are extroverts. 

Reach out to friends that you have struggled to stay connected with - so you don’t forget about them, because they might be worried you are going to leave them behind.

So what are you waiting for? Send a text, make a video and text it, make a quick phone call, send a card or an email, even just comment on a few friends Facebook or Instagram posts. Don’t forget about your less tech-savvy relatives, friends, and neighbors, who most likely feel the most disconnected. Who knows, you may need it more than they do!

Xoxo, Molly