About us

Molly Wilson grew up in a small Midwest community brimming with church potlucks, neighborhood gatherings, and family game nights. She’s been entertaining her entire life, just like her mother and grandmother did.
Now, as a full-time working mom with two busy kids, her passion for hosting get-togethers and making great memories continues — but with limited time! 
As most Midwesterners do, Molly enjoyed the county fair — and that is where an amazing beer bread was discovered. Realizing it was fun, and simple, with an incredible taste, she set out to bring the best beer bread mix to consumers across the United States. A brand was born!
As Molly began to test her breads with friends, family and retail stores – she was encouraged to keep going! She took a chance and started a new adventure, bringing baking mixes to stores and consumers across America.
Today you can find molly&you® beer bread mixes, beer cake mixes (yes, indeed!), party dip mixes and her hottest sensation – microwave brownie, cake, and muffin mixes for one – in amazing flavors.
molly&you® is a woman-owned and operated gourmet powerhouse with distribution centers and offices in five states. When Molly and her team are not at work, you can find them volunteering in their communities, coaching kids sports, mentoring, tailgating, hosting parties with friends, and the most important thing – taxi-ing their children all around! The team is committed to bringing you on-trend & crave-worthy mixes that are as delicious as they are simple.