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Join The Challenge at the top of this page! Once you join you will receive a challenge packet and an email giving you more instructions!

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This is ok! You will not be punished if you do not finish, we understand that life is busy and things come up!

Just make sure to join us for our NEXT challenge :)


The Challenge is FREE!

There are no hidden additional costs to doing this challenge. We started this challenge to help each other be accountable and find fun recipes on the way!

Nope! Of course we would love for you to incorporate our products in your meals but you are not required to do so.

The group gatherings will take place every Friday on our Challenge Facebook Group. We will go LIVE at 12pm CST... make sure to join us to ask questions, enter the giveaways, share your wins, and to find out what the next week challenge is!

The weekly mini-challenges are optional, they are here to help you complete your overall goal. You do not have to participate in the weekly mini-challenges, but we recommend them to help you stay active in the group and achieve the overall challenge goal.