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How Do I Make molly&you® Party Dip Mixes?

Our party dip mixes are the easiest and quickest gourmet snack to bring to your next get-together! 

To make our party dip mixes, pour the mix into a bowl and add 1 cup sour cream & ½ cup of real mayonnaise. Once you mix it up, put it in the refrigerator, and serve after an hour. Running late? Our party dip mixes can be served right away! For our Pineapple Pecan Party Dip Mix we suggest using cream cheese instead sour cream and mayo!

There are also ways to make our party dip mixes with low-fat and fat-free ingredients if you are looking at going that route! We recommend using regular cream cheese, real mayo, and real sour cream for the best taste. Some of our customers have used greek yogurt and vegan/vegetarian substitutes as low-fat/fat-free options.

Do not forget..our dips are more than just a dip! There are many different and delicious options when using molly&you Dip Mixes. Every package has a recipe on the back; for example, the Creamy Spinach and Dill makes an amazing Spinach Bacon Quiche! Your possibilities are endless!