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  • Giving Tuesday -

    Giving Tuesday -

    One night this fall, my girlfriend Tara, a beautiful soul, was visiting from Minnesota. She owns https://www.cedarandcypressdesigns.com, a jewelry company that partners with independent artisans in Haiti to produce amazing jewelry. Their mission, which I love, is to support talented artists and create a sustainable employment process. 

    While she was at my home, away from the hustle and bustle of life, we began experimenting in the kitchen. My kids were carving pumpkins, and one minute, we had bare pumpkin seeds, and the next, we were seasoning them with molly&you® Party Dip Mix seasonings! Let me tell you, they were flavorful and delicious! Here's the recipe (shown below) if you want to try them for yourself (you can thank me later ;) ).

    1. Clean and boil the pumpkin seeds for 10 minutes with 1/4 cup of salt

    2. Drain and add a 1/2 Tablespoon of olive oil and mix. Add choice of molly&you® party dip

    3. Spread on cookie sheet and bake at 400 degrees for 15-20 minutes or until brown

    Tara was visiting for some R&R, to brainstorm business ideas, and to reconnect. While sipping Cabernet, she told me about one of her passion projects, inspired by her love for Haiti and its people, called TeacHaiti. TeacHaiti is a 501c3 non-profit that provides education to Haitian children who otherwise might not have the opportunity to go to school. With this, I was reminded of how 'giving back' feeds our souls. 

    Did you know that the day after Cyber Monday is Giving Tuesday? After you've done all your shopping, find a worthy charity, and donate or give a little of your time and talent to someone in need! Here are a few of my favorite charities:

    When you give with love, it always matters!

    Happy Holidays!

    xoxo, Molly

  • We’ve Got Football!

    We’ve Got Football!

    Fall looks different than ever before... there is luckily one thing that hasn’t changed - FOOTBALL! 

    There are so many things I can’t count on right now… but I can count on football. I know that on Saturdays my hubby is yelling at the TV all day (what happened to Penn State this year?!) I know Shae and the gang from the office are rooting for the Hawkeyes and my kids are cheering on their favorite player Minkah Fitzpatrick of the Steelers. It feels so normal & predictable. I love it! . 

    The parties are smaller - and not really parties at all. But we can still enjoy the games...and of course, the food!  I love making appetizers for everyone to grab on commercial break and it’s the only time I deliver to the coffee table and allow couch eating so the gang does not miss a single second of game play! Even the kids, who quickly grow bored of watching the game and go outside to shoot hoops or toss a football, come inside to enjoy the food (even if they do drop crumbs everywhere in house)! My favorites to make are also my favorite molly&you® recipes; zippy bourbon meatballs - they are so so so delicious and flavorful and mess free! {recipe on the back of my FIESTA PARTY DIP} and of course, our American Original beer bread mix with our CRAFT BEER CHEESE PARTY DIP.  Just cube the bread and go dippin! 

     If I was to name the most American of things, football, hamburgers, and beer would be at the top of my list!!  For snacking …. It’s chips with every possible dip combo imaginable, tiny sandwiches, cheese & veggie trays, lil’ smokey’s and meatballs (yum!) 

    Even though Football Saturdays entail tons of shouting at the TV, they are days spent without phones in hand and with family, friends, and great snacks (even if I do tend to hibernate for a few hours after the game!)! Football is, and will always be, one of my favorite things about fall because it brings us together!

    Thankfully we’ve got football!

    Xoxo, Molly

    PS - if you need help coming up with appetizer ideas, I’ve got you covered!  We have a pack created just for you that will help solve the problem of “What appetizers do I make for football saturdays?!” Check it out here: https://www.molly-you.com/collections/gift-sets-party-packs/products/football-box

  • Thankful Times a Million

    Thankful Times a Million

    2020 - the year that isn't what we could have ever anticipated. Kids schooling at home, Zoom meetings with piles of laundry in the shot (is that just me?), travel restrictions, gathering with friends from a distance, constantly sanitizing our hands, and masks as the new fashion must-have!

    Despite it all - I swear, I feel more thankful than ever. I'm more focused on what matters, more connected with my most genuine friends, more appreciative of my work team, and more willing to put others' health first.

    I'm thankful we are getting through this year together, and we WILL be stronger when we hit the other side.  

    This year, I am thankful for my two amazing kids, my wonderfully supportive husband, my family, my posse of friends and neighbors, and YOU...our loyal customers who have kept molly&you® going! 

    I am so happy that I can share our 'thanks' and 'love' through our products! Keep being amazing! You all mean so much to our entire molly&you® team and to me. 

    Happy Thanksgiving! Eat all the food your heart desires - you deserve it this year...a million times over.

    xoxo, Molly

  • What Fall Means to Me!

    What Fall Means to Me!

    What fall means to me!

    Thanksgiving  - it’s my favorite time of year - the weather is perfect for a sweater and jeans, a warm pumpkin spice latte, and a walk to watch the leaves change colors (and to crunch them under our feet!).  With Fall comes pumpkin spice EVERYTHING, and we love it. It’s a time to give thanks and appreciate all the good!

    • Fall means family.  The smell of the turkey coming out of the oven, or of warm chocolate chips cookies baking on a Saturday. Fall is the season that brings people together like no other, and that is why it is my favorite season. 
    • Fall means fun.  My kids and I love hay rides, apple picking, and  roasting marshmallows by a toasty fire! While this year looks a little different, there are still ways to celebrate while staying safe.  At my house, we are focused on giving this year … starting with making delicious fall treats & delivering them to neighbor’s doorsteps.
    • Fall means food.  Delicious, hearty, and warm meals warm our fingers and our souls just as a toasty fireplace does.  It’s time to make traditional fall comfort dishes like Shepherd's pie, roast chicken, or a festive soup (we love a good pumpkin one!).  Colder temperatures call for warmer food, giving us an excuse to stay in and indulge in yummy comfort foods. 
    • Fall means drinks. Festive drinks are always in season!  Sipping a hot drink that warms both our hands and our heart is a fall staple.  Have some sweet apple cider, warm cocoa, or a delicious cup of tea (we won’t tell if some of them are spiked!).  One of my favorites is made by my sweet southern girlfriend Monica at www.ravensoriginals.com
    • Fall means friends  This year friendship means more than ever. Every weekend I have zoom coffee with a different friend. One night a week I meet a friend for a zoom glass of wine.  I love this deliberate time to reconnect one on one. 

    Let us know what fall means to you!  Tag us in your social media posts, and let us know how you are celebrating the season of pumpkin spice, changing leaves, and comfort food! 

    Xoxo Molly    

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