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Tired of Your Boring Breakfast?

Want to break up that boredom and try something OAT-RAGEOUSLY GOOD? Check this out!

We completely understand and appreciate this morning dilemma and our team at molly&you has the answer for that same-old/same-old breakfast you keep making every morning! 

Overnight Oats!! Fast ... Healthy...Versatile...On-the Go Goodness!

Take a few minutes (actually, about 90 seconds will do it) in the evening –
-Put the Overnight Oats in a bowl or jar
- Add ¾ cup milk – any kind will do – Whole milk, Skim milk, Oat milk, Almond milk, etc.
-Refrigerate overnight or at least for six hours

YES! It is that simple!

In the morning – your delicious breakfast awaits you! It’s great just as is but our team likes to ‘dress it up’ in the morning – strawberries, nuts, honey, chia seeds, bananas, etc. – the list is endless! 

Naked or all dressed up, this Grab & Go will become your new morning favorite and put a smile on your face as you start your day. 

Sweet Maple & Brown Sugar, Chocolate Chip Banana, or Strawberry Shortcake – pick your favorite or better yet ... buy our Variety Pack and try all three!!