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What do you eat with our Beer Bread?

The better question is; what don’t you eat with beer bread? Our beer bread mixes pair amazingly with almost every meal. 

You can use our mixes to create delicious recipes your family will enjoy! We have an entire page on our website,, to find great recipes that incorporate our products! 

One of our favorite go-to meals is pasta with our Garlic Parmesan Beer Bread Mix. In my house, we do not eat ANY pasta without a loaf of Garlic Parm! 

Another super easy idea is to make one of our savory loaves of bread, and once cooled, toast it to make grilled cheese! My kids LOVE when I do this using our newest bread, Everything Seasoning Beer Bread Mix. 
When we go to any get-together (house-warming parties, football parties, holidays, etc.) I always cut up loaves of molly&you bread, make a few of our party dip mixes, and I have an instant party favorite! Everyone loves the different assortment of flavors I bring. Try it!