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Do I have to use beer with molly&you® Beer Bread Mixes and Cakes?

We get this question ALL the time… and the answer is no!

You would think with the name “beer bread mix” that all you would use is beer, but with our products, we understand that not everyone may have a beer in their fridge or want to use a beer (although the alcohol bakes out). So, we experimented and discovered that ANY carbonated beverage would work. Soda, beer, seltzers, sparkling water, ginger ale, etc., all work with our mixes if it is carbonated! If you decide to use a beer, we recommend light beer (Bud Light, Busch Light, Coors Light). We do not recommend using an IPA because it can alter the taste, but we have customers who enjoy using an IPA or a dark lager!

So, whatever your preference, you can make it ‘your way!’