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No Snow Shovel in My Garage!

I grew up in the blustery winters of Iowa, large parts of the year spent waking up to a crisp blanket of shimmering snow outside my window. I went to college on the frozen tundra that is Minnesota, freezing to practically an icicle trekking from my dorms to classes.  

Note to self: never leave with wet hair during the winter!! It will freeze solid! But now, I don't have to worry about bundling up, shoveling my driveway, or my hair becoming an ice cube.  Instead, I have to worry about humidity hair, mosquitoes, and hurricane shutters. Today, I am lucky to call sunny south Florida my home! Don’t get me wrong, snow and cold weather is nice, but it will never beat winter in Florida! Sunny and 75º beats 0º and snow any day for me! I love sharing outdoor pictures with family and friends! Days of sunshine and warm weather do wonders for my mind, body, soul, and overall outlook on life.  

Life feels brighter when the sky is blue and the sun is shining. I’m sorry if it seems like I’m rubbing it in...I love pictures of snow-covered trees and snowmen too! I do miss the sparkle of the sun upon fresh snow in the mornings, the excitement of an impromptu snowball fight, and the feeling of four inches of fresh, soft powder. Oh, and listening to  the local  radio station  at 6:30 am, crossing my fingers that we hear ‘school is cancelled today!’ My kids spent their early years in the snow...and one longs to return to it. I think I'll get her a plane ticket to visit her Minnesota relatives and I’ll stay here in the sun!! 

Show me what you wake up to! Here’s my everyday view! 

XoXo, Molly