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New Year, New Me! Right!!!??? 

I know I’m certainly guilty of it, as I’m sure many people are. You start off the New Year with a great resolution, but after about two weeks, it begins to fall off? Sound familiar? Yep, me too.  That’s why I’ve stopped making large resolutions that I know I won’t be motivated to complete.  Also, then I can’t fail!!  My family laughs at my ‘goal-setting,’ but it works for me.  

Don’t hold yourself to impossible standards, compare your progress to that of others, or be too hard on yourself if you miss the mark. I declare 2021 the year of self-love and acceptance, so maybe take a little extra time this year to just work on the little things.  

I’m more of a mini goal-setter…that feels more achievable! That way, I can feel like I’ve accomplished a lot! Say what you will about me, but I like to set myself up to succeed. 

For the New Year, I treated myself and my team to some adorable goal-setting notebooks, each with a personal message for 2021 - I even sent them to my top 20 molly&you® retailers as a thank you gift for their business. My team is like a family to me, and I always like to make sure they feel like it! 

I’ve always found it easier to keep track of things and hold myself accountable when I write them down, especially if I keep all my mini goals in one place.  So, my advice to you - make mini-goals and jot them down. Crossing off a goal = success! 

Even better - get a beautiful notebook so you’ll be motivated to write in it!! Here’s a link to a great, small, woman-owned brand {Papaya Art} of journals that I love:

Let me know your mini-goals! I’m always looking for someone to cheer on.

Xoxo, Molly