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Fancy Girl, Until We Meet Again

Okay, it’s true - I am a fancy girl. I love fancy clothes, cute purses, lavish parties, and really nice restaurants. I love to treat myself to a bit of luxury in life, and I absolutely love getting ready for all types of events. I’m not a sweats & tee girl. Even in the pandemic, I have had days where I dress fancy just because! 

I love to go out, see shows of all kinds, eat fabulous food at memorable restaurants, travel to beautiful places, and attend almost any type of social event! I love getting dressed up, doing my hair and nails, and wearing fabulous shoes! 

I take pride in being the girl who pulls it all together quickly!! In 30 minutes, I can go from dinner-making-mom to night-time-party- girl. I’m not too fussy, nothing has to be perfect...BUT...I DO LOVE shoes. I might have a bit of an obsession, in fact, the shoes are always the magic touch to finish my look.

Oh, 2020, you are cramping my fancy-lovin’ style…no more events, dinner parties, or shows. How about you? What part of your life is on the back burner because of the quarantine life?

I guess I never knew how important a night out was to me…it’s funny how many things we have learned about ourselves this past year. When I get to dress up, I feel confident and creative, and in my element! 

When parties return, like so many other things, I will celebrate every moment, cherish every experience and be so thankful for the opportunity to be in my element. Until then, I’ll work on my sweats and tee wardrobe and find fancy in my own way. 

Until then, fancy girl,

Xoxo Molly