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Sami In Paris

Have you seen Emily in Paris on Netflix? I decided to take my 14-year-old Sami to Paris for Spring Break. We had the most wonderful five days of mom-daughter time doing just what she wanted! This meant no major tourist attractions. Instead, we slept until 11am, ate dinners at 11pm, walked all the cute neighborhoods eating cheese and bread ,and spent our money thrift/vintage shopping at the best little used clothing stores. I am heading home on a plane, watching her crochet a little top as she watches Hamilton for the 99th time - earbuds in;  with two things on my mind: One, I’m so glad I chose to make her my entire world for five un-interrupted days (no work, no brother, no distractions). Because of this, we have a closer bond and I was able to really see her and hear her in a way that she felt the center of all my attention. And two, sometimes our kids actually know what we need MORE than we do. I thought we needed to see the Mona Lisa, tour the Gardens of Versailles, ride along the Seine River…but no, we needed to sleep in a big bed, walk and talk, drink espresso, make no plans, and go where the day took us!

May you go where the day takes you today!