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Make It Easy Mama

Let’s talk about kids' birthday parties. I have mom-envy toward my friends who bake or buy the most elaborate themed cakes with all the matching invitations, napkins, balloons and activities.

I used to show up at these parties and think, ‘I need to step it up and do this…oh my!’ But you know what… no, I don’t!
My kids’ parties are simple and all about fun and togetherness and never about the theme, the coordinated swag or the well-organized party games. All you need is CONFIDENCE in what you create! A few years ago, we started having molly&you® Mug Cake “Topping Bars' for our birthday parties. All I needed were some cups, an assortment of candies and toppings (which is actually a great way to clean out your pantry of odds and ends…you know, the three chocolate chip bags you have that are all rolled up with little bits remaining). The kids and adults both ended up loving it! 

Cheers to keeping it simple and being the best party on the block!