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Spring Sport Snacks

My son plays high school boys’ volleyball…and you know the snacks that show up to be eaten in between games on tournament weekends, right? I’m talking bags of chips, rice krispie bars, granola bars, etc. Well, last weekend I brought molly&you Viva Fiesta Party Dip and veggies. I grabbed two pre-made veggie trays at Costco and ditched the pre-made dip.  I brought 15 paper cups to the game and two pre-made servings of the Viva Fiesta Party Dip. I lined those cups on the bleachers, scooped in a giant spoonful of the dip in the bottom of each cup, and tossed in the pre-cut veggies. Each kid got a veggie cup to eat during the coaches’ meeting and let me tell you - after the meeting, every cup was empty - not a single, uneaten veggie! Now I am the ‘cool sports snack mom!’