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What Can You Dip In Your Party Dip Mixes?

When you think of party dip mixes, what comes to your mind? For us, it is molly&you Beer Bread, of course! We love to cut up our baked beer bread into squares and dip it into molly&you Party Dip Mixes! There are so many other things you can dip into our party dip mixes - the list is endless! First, we love to dip veggies!! Pair our dips with a veggie tray, and it will be gone in seconds. It is fun to spice up regular ranch dip that people often use - next…crackers. We love to pair Wheat Thins with all of our dips, but pretzels are also a great pair! 

With charcuterie boards being so popular lately, we have seen many customers make our dip and include it in their masterpiece! molly&you Craft Beer Cheese is especially popular in this category.

These are ways to use the party dip mix as a dip, BUT don’t stop there! Another way you can use any of the dips is to mix it with cream cheese and then stuff your chicken breasts and bake! If you have any other fun, unique ways to use our party dip mixes, make sure to let us know!