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What molly&you® Products Are The Best For A Picnic or BBQ?

With spring and summer around the corner, we are the one-stop-shop for all your picnic/BBQ gourmet food needs!
These are the top three recipes that we recommend for your next picnic or bbq! Make sure to check out our recipe page for even more deliciousness!
1. Double BLT Grillers (Ultimate BLT Party Dip Mix)
2. Let’s Par-Tay Bean Dip (Zesty Garlic Party Dip Mix, Viva Fiesta Party Dip Mix)
3. Sweet & Savory Veggie Pizza

These are just a few simple recipes that will impress your guests. Don’t worry; you will be happy if you make our beer bread and party dip mix without making it into a recipe! 

By the way, have you checked out our non-food items lately? We have tons of kitchen towels, serveware, gadgets, and more!