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What Fall Means to Me!

What fall means to me!

Thanksgiving  - it’s my favorite time of year - the weather is perfect for a sweater and jeans, a warm pumpkin spice latte, and a walk to watch the leaves change colors (and to crunch them under our feet!).  With Fall comes pumpkin spice EVERYTHING, and we love it. It’s a time to give thanks and appreciate all the good!

  • Fall means family.  The smell of the turkey coming out of the oven, or of warm chocolate chips cookies baking on a Saturday. Fall is the season that brings people together like no other, and that is why it is my favorite season. 
  • Fall means fun.  My kids and I love hay rides, apple picking, and  roasting marshmallows by a toasty fire! While this year looks a little different, there are still ways to celebrate while staying safe.  At my house, we are focused on giving this year … starting with making delicious fall treats & delivering them to neighbor’s doorsteps.
  • Fall means food.  Delicious, hearty, and warm meals warm our fingers and our souls just as a toasty fireplace does.  It’s time to make traditional fall comfort dishes like Shepherd's pie, roast chicken, or a festive soup (we love a good pumpkin one!).  Colder temperatures call for warmer food, giving us an excuse to stay in and indulge in yummy comfort foods. 
  • Fall means drinks. Festive drinks are always in season!  Sipping a hot drink that warms both our hands and our heart is a fall staple.  Have some sweet apple cider, warm cocoa, or a delicious cup of tea (we won’t tell if some of them are spiked!).  One of my favorites is made by my sweet southern girlfriend Monica at
  • Fall means friends  This year friendship means more than ever. Every weekend I have zoom coffee with a different friend. One night a week I meet a friend for a zoom glass of wine.  I love this deliberate time to reconnect one on one. 

Let us know what fall means to you!  Tag us in your social media posts, and let us know how you are celebrating the season of pumpkin spice, changing leaves, and comfort food! 

Xoxo Molly    

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