By molly&you® made by you. loved by all.

Thankful Times a Million

2020 - the year that isn't what we could have ever anticipated. Kids schooling at home, Zoom meetings with piles of laundry in the shot (is that just me?), travel restrictions, gathering with friends from a distance, constantly sanitizing our hands, and masks as the new fashion must-have!

Despite it all - I swear, I feel more thankful than ever. I'm more focused on what matters, more connected with my most genuine friends, more appreciative of my work team, and more willing to put others' health first.

I'm thankful we are getting through this year together, and we WILL be stronger when we hit the other side.  

This year, I am thankful for my two amazing kids, my wonderfully supportive husband, my family, my posse of friends and neighbors, and YOU...our loyal customers who have kept molly&you® going! 

I am so happy that I can share our 'thanks' and 'love' through our products! Keep being amazing! You all mean so much to our entire molly&you® team and to me. 

Happy Thanksgiving! Eat all the food your heart desires - you deserve it this year...a million times over.

Xoxo, Molly