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We’ve Got Football!

Fall looks different than ever before... there is luckily one thing that hasn’t changed - FOOTBALL! 

There are so many things I can’t count on right now… but I can count on football. I know that on Saturdays my hubby is yelling at the TV all day (what happened to Penn State this year?!) I know Shae and the gang from the office are rooting for the Hawkeyes and my kids are cheering on their favorite player Minkah Fitzpatrick of the Steelers. It feels so normal & predictable. I love it! . 

The parties are smaller - and not really parties at all. But we can still enjoy the games...and of course, the food!  I love making appetizers for everyone to grab on commercial break and it’s the only time I deliver to the coffee table and allow couch eating so the gang does not miss a single second of game play! Even the kids, who quickly grow bored of watching the game and go outside to shoot hoops or toss a football, come inside to enjoy the food (even if they do drop crumbs everywhere in house)! My favorites to make are also my favorite molly&you® recipes; zippy bourbon meatballs - they are so so so delicious and flavorful and mess free! {recipe on the back of my FIESTA PARTY DIP} and of course, our American Original beer bread mix with our CRAFT BEER CHEESE PARTY DIP.  Just cube the bread and go dippin! 

 If I was to name the most American of things, football, hamburgers, and beer would be at the top of my list!!  For snacking …. It’s chips with every possible dip combo imaginable, tiny sandwiches, cheese & veggie trays, lil’ smokey’s and meatballs (yum!) 

Even though Football Saturdays entail tons of shouting at the TV, they are days spent without phones in hand and with family, friends, and great snacks (even if I do tend to hibernate for a few hours after the game!)! Football is, and will always be, one of my favorite things about fall because it brings us together!

Thankfully we’ve got football!

Xoxo, Molly

PS - if you need help coming up with appetizer ideas, I’ve got you covered!  We have a pack created just for you that will help solve the problem of “What appetizers do I make for football saturdays?!” Check it out here: