Flavor to the Max, Garlic Parmesan, Everything Seasoning, American Original Beer Bread, Viva Fiesta, Zesty Garlic, Sweet & Savory Spinach Party Dip Mix

Flavor to the Max Bundle

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The Flavor to the Max Bundle includes: 

1 Garlic Parmesan Beer Bread Mix
Bold garlic & rich parmesan cheese. Add beer and bake for an easy addition to your meal or party

1 Everything Seasoning Beer Bread Mix
America's favorite beer bread packed with an artisanal blend of toasted sesame, garlic, sea salt & poppy seeds

1 American Original Beer Bread Mix 
America's favorite, slightly sweet buttery beer bread. Add beer, bake and enjoy this American favorite

1 Viva Fiesta Party Dip Mix
With great chipotle flavor, this dip will have you dancing! A little kick, a whole lotta flavor

1 Zesty Garlic Party Dip Mix
Love Garlic? This full-flavored dip has a peppery kick!

1 Sweet and Savory Spinach Party Dip Mix
Spinach blended with veggie spices

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Dorothy Nothing
Flavor to the Max is right!

The name of the pack is correct, flavor to the max!!! It will have your hosue smelling amazing and they taste just as good as they smell!