Flavor to the Max, Garlic Parmesan, Everything Seasoning, American Original Beer Bread, Viva Fiesta, Zesty Garlic, Sweet & Savory Spinach Party Dip Mix

Flavor to the Max Bundle

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The Flavor to the Max Bundle includes: 

1 Garlic Parmesan Beer Bread Mix
Bold garlic & rich parmesan cheese. Add beer and bake for an easy addition to your meal or party

1 Everything Seasoning Beer Bread Mix
America's favorite beer bread packed with an artisanal blend of toasted sesame, garlic, sea salt & poppy seeds

1 American Original Beer Bread Mix 
America's favorite, slightly sweet buttery beer bread. Add beer, bake and enjoy this American favorite

1 Viva Fiesta Party Dip Mix
With great chipotle flavor, this dip will have you dancing! A little kick, a whole lotta flavor

1 Zesty Garlic Party Dip Mix
Love Garlic? This full-flavored dip has a peppery kick!

1 Sweet and Savory Spinach Party Dip Mix
Spinach blended with veggie spices